Dances & Events

Private Dance Lessons

You will learn on average 4 or 5 times as much on a private lesson as you learn taking a group lesson, because of all the individual attention you will receive in a setting devoted only to you. You benefit because you do not share the space and music with other students. It’s really the best way to learn how to dance. Following each lesson we will email notes to you covering all of the new steps that you have learned on that lesson.  No contracts are used and you may pay for your lessons as you take them.  Please email or telephone us for current rates and available locations.


Ron & Amy Ballroom Dance Classes

New Sunday afternoon Ballroom Dance Classes at the TECRO Center in Gaithersburg, Maryland starting on January 8!  Register at the first class.   Classes currently feature International Standard Quickstep and International Latin Rumba.


Intermediate Ballroom Dance Classes at the Holiday Park Senior Center in Wheaton, Maryland on Wednesdays starting on January 11th!  


Beginning/Intermediate Ballroom Dance Classes at Leisure World of Maryland on Thursdays starting on January 5th!  Registration available at the Lifestyle Office at 301-598-1320 or in person at Clubhouse 2.


 Group Classes:


Sunday Ballroom Dance Classes at the TECRO Center in Gaithersburg, Maryland.


Classes taught by Ron & Amy Wagaman


In January we are teaching International Standard Quickstep from 12:30 to 1:25pm and International Latin Rumba from 1:30 pm to 2:30pm.  Classes are held in the main ballroom at the TECRO Center in Gaithersburg, Maryland.  Classes in January will be held on January 8, 15, 22 and 29.   The Quickstep and Rumba will consist of intermediate International Standard choreography.


Admission fee is $10 per person.

 International Standard Quickstep


International Latin Rumba



large wooden floor

ample free parking

call (301) 519-8267 or email  for information


Culture Center of TECRO

901 Wind River Lane

Gaithersburg, MD 20878



Footwear: please wear dance shoes or leather-soled shoes to all dance classes at the TECRO Center in order to protect the floor from scratches and mars.  Please do not dance or practice in other areas of the TECRO Center not authorized by the TECRO Center management — Thank you


Directions to the Culture Center of TECRO:

North Bound:

Take exit #10-11 onto I-270 LOCAL NORTH toward MONT. VILLAGE AVE/QUINCE ORCH. RD/CLOPPER RD – go 0.3 mi

Take exit #10/MD-117 toward QUINCE ORCHARD RD – go 0.2 mi

Turn right on W DIAMOND AVE[MD-117] – go 0.6 mi

Turn left on QUINCE ORCHARD RD[MD-124] – go 0.9 mi

Move to the right lane

Veer to the right on TWIN LAKES DR – go 0.1 mi

Bear right on WIND RIVER LN – go 0.1 mi


South Bound:

Take I-270 exit 11 toward Quince Orchard Rd/MD-124 South

Turn right on QUINCE ORCHARD RD[MD-124] South

Move to the right lane

Veer to the right on TWIN LAKES DR – go 0.1 mi

Bear right on WIND RIVER LN – go 0.1 mi


Turn right just before you get to the “Culture Center of TECRO” sign and park in the lot.  Building is a yellow and white stone structure.  (You can see the Culture Center of TECRO from Quince Orchard Road.)  Address is 901 Wind River Lane, Gaithersburg, MD 20878.  TECRO Center phone number is (301) 869-8585.




Ballroom Dance Classes at the Holiday Park Senior Center




 Intermediate Classes – Winter Schedule:

New INTERMEDIATE BALLROOM DANCE CLASSES at the Holiday Park Senior Center.  

Classes begin Wednesday, January 11h, total of 8 weeks with Smooth including Quickstep and Foxtrot  at 2:30pm and Rhythm including Bolero and Mambo  at 3:30pm.

Classes are designed for those with some experience with ballroom dancing who want to take their dancing to the next level. Classes are for those who have a good understanding of the ballroom dance basics.  Basics will not be taught as part of this class, although they may be used to introduce more advanced steps.  Couples and singles welcome. Taught by Ron and Amy Wagaman.  Sponsored by Holiday Park Seniors, Inc.



Basic Classes – Winter Schedule:

New Basic BALLROOM DANCE CLASSES at the Holiday Park Senior Center.  

Classes begin Monday, January 9th, total of 6 weeks. Classes run from 2:30pm to 3:30pm.


 Learn the basics in the most popular ballroom dances including waltz, foxtrot, swing, cha cha and tango.


Please pre-register for HPSC classes!

Recently, HPSC management requires 10 registrations for each class one week in advance of the class start date.

As you know, many of our students have elected to register on the first day of classes.  Apparently this does not work well for the HPSC.  Canceling classes does not meet our need to have a reliable venue in which to conduct classes.   We have been with the HPSC for many years and would like to continue to serve you.

The Center has made the following request:

“Is it possible for you to help us by requesting that the students sign up for the next session at the end of the current session? This helps us to plan and organize classes. We very much appreciate your assistance”.


Note to returning students:  The Basic and Intermediate classes are taught at those levels respectively.  There are numerous steps available to teach at each level.  We will do our best to introduce at least one new step for each dance should you wish to repeat a class.  Repeating a class is a great way to reinforce your learning.


Please check with HPSI for registration fees.  You must show your Holiday Park Seniors, Inc. (HPSI) card to qualify for the lower class fee.  Call 240-777-4999 for information about a HPSI card or apply in person at Holiday Park.  Class registration is in person at Holiday Park at the front desk.   Registration is available from 9:30am to 3:30pm Monday thru Friday, when HPSI volunteers are available to take your registrations. Have the exact amount if paying in cash. Checks are preferred and should be made payable to HPSI (Holiday Park Seniors, Inc.

For details about the content of the classes call the instructors directly on 301-519-8267 or email:


Students invited to record dance demonstration at the end of each class.


Classes held at the Holiday Park Multiservice Senior Center, 3950 Ferrara Drive, Wheaton, MD 20906.  Conveniently located on Ferrara Drive off Veirs Mill Road near the intersection of Viers Mill Road and Connecticut Avenue.


Classes held in the large dance studio featuring a wooden floor and mirrors.


For contents of the newsletter (Hi-Lites) sponsored by the HPSI see the web site:



Leisure World of Maryland:

Amy and I are currently teaching at Leisure World of Maryland just off Route 97 in Montgomery County, Maryland.   These are beginner/advance beginner classes.  Emphasis is on basic steps, but these classes also will help experienced dancers who wish to improve their technique and styling.  Most classes are held in the spacious Maryland Room in Clubhouse 1.   Must be 55 or older to register.


Registration is open to both residents and non-residents, although residents are given preference if the number of available registrations is limited*.  Residents can register for a class either online at ( or by calling the Lifestyle office at 301-598-1320 or stopping by the Lifestyle office in Clubhouse 2 during open hours.  Non-residents should call or visit the office to register.


*Should any non-resident have difficulty registering, please contact Ron or Amy Wagaman directly on 301-519-8267.


Ballroom Dance Classes – Taught by Ron & Amy Wagaman.  These fun-filled classes will teach you routines in Polka and Argentine TangoPolka is a lively social dance of Bohemian folk origin. It is characterized by three quick steps and a hop and is danced to music in 2/4 time. The couples cover a great deal of space as they circle about the dance floor.  Argentine Tango is a beautiful social dance that developed in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  With its dramatic character and use of leg and foot actions it’s more of a spot dance, which makes it easier to dance on smaller floors than American or International tango. Learn basic and intermediate steps in Polka and Argentine Tango.  Improve your lead or follow.  Couples and single students welcome.




          1/5 – 1/26



4 classes

Argentine Tango


          1/5 – 1/26



4 classes

Non residents of Leisure World pay extra $5 per class.


Leisure World of Maryland address: 3700 Rossmoor Boulevard, Silver Spring, MD 20906